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PKSD-022 Small Scarecrow Accessory Die and Face Stamp Set

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This is a set of 18 dies and 6 Peachy Keen Stamps to make and create your own scarecrow doll approximately 2" tall or cute little pumpkin. 

  • 3 fall leaves - approximately .6" tall each (pumpkin leaf below)
  • 2 hay dies for hair or stuffing- .5" and .3"
  • shirt- 1.1" x .9" 
  • 2 stitched cuffs for shirt- .3" x .1" 
  • 2 hearts- .19" each (both together in one die)
  • necktie - .24" x .63"
  • burlap sack for head - .9" x .8"
  • straw hat- 1.0." x .7"
  • overalls- 1.1" x 1"
  • 2 stitched overall cuffs- 5" x .25"
  • pumpkin: 1.0" x 1.0"
  • vine: .8" x .4"
  • pumpkin leaf: .5" x .5"
  • stem: .2" x .3"
  • face stamps to fit this size scarecrow and the pumpkins  
  • 2  stamps of hearts for the cheeks in case you'd like to add those to your faces without the bulk of the paper die cut hearts.

Use the set with the smallest body in PKSD-011 Open Gingerbread Die Set You may want to check out PK-2537 Assorted Scarecrow Face Stamp Set for additional faces to fit.

PLEASE NOTE:  The shirt was intentionally made longer and will need to be trimmed to make the look of the full scarecrow.  I did this so that you could also make just the body with the shirt and put him on a stick without overalls.