PK-PNG-02 Sweet Gingerbread

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Meet Mary, Sabrina, Al and Lorie in BLACK & WHITE DIGITAL STAMPS.  You may or may not remember a set of stamps we made years ago PK-416 Al and Lorie Gingerbread Set.  Named after VERY good friends of ours down in Missouri. We sure miss them!  Sabrina and Mary are brand new to the scene... Have fun with these!

This is a set of 4 Gingerbread in black and white pngs for you to color and resize to how you'd like.  With the high density PNG... you'll be able to make the gingerbread in sizes ranging from 2" to 12" without any data loss. 

These are strictly pngs and can be printed for your home use only.  Not to be sold or resold in kits of any kind. PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT a physical product. Nothing will be shipped to you.  You can download these from the link that will be emailed to you on your receipt.