PK-2609 Happy Brrr-day Snowman Stamp Set

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This is an ACTUAL and a PHYSICAL set of stamps.  Here is a snowman with an attitude like no other!  There are FIVE stamps in here.  1. The snowman is 3.66" tall.  2. His sentiment is Happy Brrr-day and is  2.16" long.   He also has a few add ons - if you'd like to mask out the nose you could use 3. the carrot, it is about 1/4" long... You could add the 4. pipe in his face - it is .3" wide at the angle that it is in the image.  Also, you could add 5. the broom to the scene to create even more fun!!  The broom is  2.4" long by about a 1/2" wide.