WELCOME TO Peachy Keen Stamps!! 
Home of the largest collection of face stamps in the world!


Dave and I will no longer be manufacturing physical stamps. We have thrown in the towel - we will be going all digital. 

I've not yet completed the instructions for the digital stamps the FIRST THREE PACKAGES of digital stamps will be released by FRIDAY.

 I'm making sure I have all potential questions answered in the information I will be providing. 

We do not want to sell our company, we just want it to be manageable. 

If there are stamps on your wish list, you may want to get those now. Use promo code SAVE40 to save 40% - this week... 

remember, when they're gone... they're gone for good. 

We will remove all face stamps from our website as they sell out. 

Thank you so much in advance for being the BEST CUSTOMER BASE EVER!

99 cent shipping in the USA continues throughout January.

Thank you so much for your patronage!
Kathy and Dave Jakopovich